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TowerUp services

The application aims to help the telecom industry to assess site specific parameters, like wind, topography, exposure, seismic and later others (snow, ice, etc.). Furthermore, it has a module for collaboration among the engineers and manufacturers.

Currently the application is under a modernization and the new version of the app will be online in the beginning of Q3 2019

There will be "forever" free services like the EPA calculator and paid services in subscription packages for others like site specific wind and terrain assesments.

TowerUp was develpod by Balázs Kisfali at A+B Consultancy services in the last 4 years and now we at Kisfali Engineering are excited to continoue the development and distribute the app to a wider user base. We hope that you will enjoy the new version.

  • Client

    own product
  • Developer

    Balázs Kisfali
  • Technology

    Googel Cloud Platform