parametric tower

Parametric telecom lattice tower

The main task was to find better shapes and optimise structural weight of the current tower portfolio of the client. The model has been built as a fully parametric modell in Grasshopper and the best results baked into Rhino for further modelling. We have used many geometrical parameters to feed in the Galapagos algorithm to find the best shapes, thus most optimal weight correspondent to them. An important plugin was a finite element solver, Karamba3D, which was optimising the structure in the each iteration of the form finding. One of the biggest challenge was the continously changing load cases due to the tower's exposed area to the wind. The effective area of the structure was not only changing by due to the geometrical changes, but also the results of the FEA solutions and member designs. We have learnt a lot while building the parametric model and the job was also show-cased in the IASS Tower and Mast expert group bi-annual meeting in Beijing 2017.

  • Client

    Jarlsø AS., Norway
  • Engineer

    Balázs Kisfali, Ms'c Eng.
  • Tasks

    Weight optimisation
    Computational design
    Parametric model